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Transforaminal Endoscopic Spine Surgery is a gift to mankind by Dr Hijikata and Dr Parvez Kambin. This is a natural orifice surgery the role of which has expanded beyond belief. One can access the intervertebral disc’s migrated/ herniated fragments in a targeted manner achieving complete decompression of the neural structures without even going near them. The axilla and the subaxillary space is easily accessible.  

Lateral canal stenosis a most common occurrence with age and collapsing disc height is now easily treatable with soft and bony foraminoplasty allowing immediate mobilisation

This surgery does not need posterior midline muscle stripping laminectomy, facetectomy, flavectomy and other morbid associated procedures and complications to access the intervertebral disc.

This surgery is done under local anaesthesia where patient is awake and aware and doing his own neuromonitoring. This is of tremendous advantage when one considers treating extremely elderly people with severe co morbidities such as cardiac failure, diabetes, asthama, and other age-related complications.

With the advent of transforaminal cages we are now in a position to treat all instabilities in the spine in a really minimally invasive manner inserting a cage under local anaesthesia with less than five cc blood loss and completing fusion with miss screws allows for day one mobilisation. Transforaminal Spine Surgery has a great role to play in the development of 360 degree endoscopic spine surgery.

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